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This article is written as an Individual Review Assignment for PPL CSUI 2021

When you are working for something, it is not rare to have a work in a team. A team usually consisted by two or more people working together to reach something together. When you are already making a team, you have to remember that each individual in the team is very important. So you have to make sure that your team member is going along with each other.

Everyone should be know that the team emotional condition affect the team productivity. When your team member don’t trust…

This article is written as an Individual Review Assignment for PPL CSUI 2021

Have you ever heard anything about Docker? No? It’s okay, here in this article I will talk about Docker. Oh yeah, in this article, a few example will be given using implementation in my PPL CSUI 2021 Course Project.

So What is Docker?

Docker is a software platform based on container that can be used to build and run application [1]. It enables developer to be able to easily wrap, ship, and then running the application just like an item delivery [2]. …

This article is written as an Individual Review Assignment for PPL CSUI 2021

TDD — known as Test Driven Development is one of Software Development approach. For some, TDD is something that was feared and only increase someone workload. But for some, TDD is something that was pretty much useful and can be our life saver during code development.

Some people is going to ask, “when there is Quality Assurance team going to test your code, why should you do it by yourself?”. The answer is, because if we wait for the QA team to test and found the problem…

Illustration of Clean Code, taken from 7 Tips To Write Clean And Better Code in 2020 — GeeksforGeeks

This article is written as an Individual Review Assignment for PPL CSUI 2021

Ever heard about Clean Code? What do you think the first time you heard about that? Eh, a code that was clean or a code that was washable?! (It is obvious that code can not be washed anyway)

So here in this article, I wanted to talk about Clean Code. I bet when you were told to read other people code you do expect it to be easy to understand and easy to your eyes. Instead of mixed bag of word that make you think “WHAT IS…

This article is written as an Individual Review Assignment for PPL CSUI 2021

What is Agile?

Agile is one of Software Development Cycle, where it took iterative approach to managing the project. A special treat that was available in Agile was delivering software in incremental delivery. Due to having an incremental delivery, it is possible to have a change in requirements, plans and even results. Whereas in Agile, communication and collaboration between each other play a big roles to built a good product.

Manifesto for Agile Software Development

Kent Beck, James Grenning, Robert C. Martin, Mike Beedle, Jim Highsmith, Steve Mellor, Arie van Bennekum, Andrew Hunt, Ken Schwaber…

When you are going to make a website design, have you ever think about the users? If so, have you ever think further about the background of user? Who is the user? What is the user range of age? So many questions that will make you dizzy.

In order to create a website design is not a simple job to do. Well, you can not just went straight to make a design based on your own imagination. The design that was made going to be used by other people and guess what, each people have different personality and different taste…

This article is written as an Individual Review Assignment for PPL CSUI 2021

Legend :

  • <> = optional to use
  • [] = mandatory, content depend on your own content

To create a whole project alone is not something easy to do, however to create a whole project with a group does not mean it is going to be easier. Each people have their own way to work, sometimes modifying each other work without permission. This kind of event obviously will spark the fire in the development group. However, this kind of thing can be prevented by using Git.

Found by…

Halo semuanya, Pada artikel yang pertama kali saya buat ini, saya akan membahas tentang Load Balancer.

Load Balancer? Apa itu? Buat apa?

Load Balancer adalah suatu perangkat yang bertugas untuk mengatur distribusi dari request kepada server yang sedang berjalan dengan baik. Load Balancer sangat berguna ketika server kita dikunjungi oleh banyak orang. Saat banyak request berdatangan, maka ada kemungkinan sebuah server mendapatkan beban yang berlebihan. Seperti halnya kita diminta membuat 100 kodingan sendirian dalam 1 jam, ada kemungkinan kita bisa collapse pastinya ya kan?

Diri kita diumpakan sebagai server disini, untuk mencegah server down / diri kita collapse, tentu kita…

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